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Price £6.95 -   Harts Tongue Fern Evergreen native fern with strap like tough spear shaped fronds. This dependable... more info & buy
Price £6.95 -   Maidenhair Spleenwort A small and beautiful deciduous fern often found growing in walls where... more info & buy
Price £6.95 -   AGM Japanese Painted Fern One of the most recognizable and popular of all ferns. Grey green... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   Eared Lady Fern Very distinct deciduous fern with pale fronds with dark purple ribs. Forms neat... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   AGM Japanese Holly Fern Great evergreen with dark green glossy fronds which look permanently... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   AGM Holly Fern One of the best of all hardy garden ferns. Mid green fronds are broad and leaf... more info & buy
Price £6.95 -   Shaggy Shield Fern Large deciduous fern. The mature fronds are dark green, but as they unfurl... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   AGM Broad Buckler Fern A selected from of our native Buckler Fern. Forms a neat plant up to... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   AGM Autumn Fern A truly superb garden plant. Fabulous new fronds are copper coloured, broad... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   Autumn Fern A selected from of D.erythrosora with red tinted glossy new fronds. This majestic... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   AGM Male Fern One of our finest native plants. Large deciduous fern producing dramatic erect... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   Male Fern Very distinct fern with long thread-like  fronds with tiny pinnae. Makes a wonderful... more info & buy
Price £7.95 - AGM   One of the finest of all ferns forming a large single crown of tall fronds. These black... more info & buy
Price £6.95 -   AGM Plumose Oak Fern A beautiful  and sexy little fern for ground cover in a shady spot.... more info & buy
Price £7.95 -   Long  lance shaped pinnate fronds forming a large specimen. The plant has a distinct "Jurassic"... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   AGM Shuttlecock Fern Wonderful fresh green unfurling fronds in spring which emerge from short... more info & buy
Price £8.95 -   AGM Cinnamon Fern Large majestic fern with lance shaped pinnate fronds growing as much as 120cm... more info & buy
Price £7.50 -   AGM Royal Fern Magnificent deciduous fern with  very large fronds unfurling from a woody... more info & buy
Price £6.95 -   Common Polypody Distinct native fern often found growing on trees and walls in damp places.... more info & buy
Price £6.95 -   AGM One of the best of all garden ferns. Glossy fronds, the new furry crosiers "hang" as they... more info & buy
Price £6.95 -   Soft Shield Fern Broadly triangular fronds held at a distinct angle. Makes a striking specimen... more info & buy
Price £7.95 - Pretty form of the soft shield fern with, lacy edges to the light green fronds.  Much easier to... more info & buy