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Price £49.50 - A hardy palm tree which will tolerate in excess of -11. Fantastic steely blue foliage gradually forming... more info & buy
Price from £8.50 - Dwarf fan palm. Bushy palm with green-gray leaves. Height 1.5m spread 1-2m. Good in pots and poor soil... more info & buy
Price from £22.50 - Bushy palm with particularly blue leaves and slower growing than speices. Best in full sun makes a great... more info & buy
Price from £9.50 - A must have for the exotic look the cabbage palm grows on a trunk with long strap like leaves which are... more info & buy
Price £19.50 - One of the most elite of all architectural plants. Huge broad leaves upto 6ft long in a rich coppery... more info & buy
Price from £9.50 - The red form of the cabbage palm. Strap like red leaves on a trunk great for evergreen structure in the... more info & buy
Price £23.50 - A delicate looking palm with long lobed fronds with toothed edges. Great palm for a heated conservatory.... more info & buy
Price from £6.50 - The hardyest of palm trees with a hairy trunk and large fan shaped leaves. more info & buy
Price from £14.50 - The dwarf Chusan palm very hardy has smaller leaves than fortunei which gives it a more eligant look. more info & buy
Price £8.50 - An architectural palm growing to 3m after many years. Large broad fan shaped leaves that appear folded... more info & buy