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Price £7.50 - A beautiful shrub from Newzeland with small shiny leaves of green and yellow. more info & buy
Price £8.50 - The honey spurge a shrub with stout stems and dark green leaves held high on the stems. Honey scented... more info & buy
Price £14.50 - A small evergreen shrub from the Azores. Grows to 1m with bright green leaves with a pale mid rib... more info & buy
Price £10.50 - Amedium sized rounded shrub with stout stems of narrow dark green leaves with a central vein. The flowes... more info & buy
Price £8.50 - A large evergreen shrub with very large deeply lobed green leaves. Tiny white flowers appear in large... more info & buy
Price £9.00 - Hardy shrub with exotic looking flowes in early summer. They are red and white looking similoar to those... more info & buy
Price £10.00 - Erect bushy shrub with wonderful burnt orange flowers held in spikes like a foxglove. Comes from the... more info & buy
Price £12.50 - Exotic looking sub shrub with lanceolate green leaves. Orange flowers are produced at the end of the... more info & buy