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Price £12.50 - A small spreading tree with great purple foliage and yellow flowers in late winter-early spring. Needs... more info & buy
Price £9.50 - Ovens wattle. A large shrub with branches of evergreen gray-green leaves. Fragrant racemes of yellow... more info & buy
Price £9.50 - Silver Wattle,Swamp Wattle. A spreading shrub of slender often pendent stems. Evergreen thin bluish green... more info & buy
Price £12.50 - A small spreading tree with big bold glossy dark green leaves. Hardy and a great structural... more info & buy
Price £9.50 - A magnificent large garden tree with silvery grey green leaves. IT can be pollarded hard to say as a... more info & buy
Price £17.50 - A deciduous tree with handsome foliage of large deeply lobed green leaves. This form produces the best... more info & buy
Price £25.00 - Olive trees are evergreen and hardy in the uk these make great pot plants. more info & buy
Price £8.50 - The Monterey Pine. A narrow conifer becoming domed with black bark and shining bright green needles.... more info & buy
Price £19.50 - I call this my marmite plant you will love it or hate it. Newzeland iron wood is hardy down to -8 adds... more info & buy
Price from £35.00 - The Wollemi pine is one of the worlds oldest and rarest plants. A conifer with attractive dark green... more info & buy