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 Protecting bananas and tree ferns for winter


     If possible wait for the first slight frost which will damage

     the leaves (as photo).

     The next step always seems drastic but it has to be done

     cut the stem of the banana. The height you cut it at will

     depend on the size of pipe you have we prefer corrugated

     land drain  but any pipe can be used. Cut the stem 20cm below the


            height of your pipe. Then simply place the

            pipe over the stem of the banana, then

            place a plant pot over the pipe the holes

            in the pot will allow air flow. This will work



or Musa basjoo and Musa sikkimensis and even often for Ensete Maurellii

Its often useful  to stuff the pipe with straw.

In the spring simply remove the pipe and clean the stem by removing any soft mushy sections, you might need to cut the stem down further. Then your bannana is ready for another summer!                   


Tree ferns

Getting your tree ferns ready for winter is very easy

all they need for a normal winter is protection in the crown. You can use straw, horticultural fleece or even fallen leaves which is what happens naturally. Do not cut off the fronds because in most winters they will stay green and looking   great. Only cut them off when they go brown and dead.


Simply place a handfull of straw, leaves, or fleece in the crown. 


It is very important your tree fern does not dry out in the winter this is critical if your fern is in a pot. If you live in a very cold area or its a very cold winter you may wish to wrap the top 45cm of your tree fern to prevent the growing point from freezing.